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January 1, 2012

my blog has moved! check it out at :)



December 17, 2011

peace. this word has been redefined for me this season. this season of my life has been filled with challenging classes, photoshoots (that i really should blog soon), endless hours of homework, life-changing God moments, moments of silence and lots and lots of noise. this has been a challenging season for me, but through it i’ve learned to seek peace through it.

here’s a collage of pictures to prove that i am still alive! i do promise more blog posts soon :)

travis & ale phelps.

September 17, 2011


travis & ale met 10 years ago, while travis was in argentina for an exchange program, he and ale met. they dated for four years long distance then finally ale was able to move to the united states to continue their relationship. this beautiful day they got married marked the 10th anniversary  of their first kiss (talk about cuteness!). their day was filled with love and beauty. I was so honored to be able to photograph this special day!

morgan & demari

September 2, 2011


chiara & shelby.

August 24, 2011

i had so much fun spending a friday evening with this two gorgeous girls! and truly, they are SO gorgeous. plus, they’re only going to in 8th grade. SO excited to know these fabulous girls!

clint & erica

August 23, 2011

clint & erica were married on a perfect august day. their love was radiant & i loved being able to work along side with kenzie as we captured their special day! clint & erica, i hope you have the happiest of days! you two were the best!! :)












sedona’s baby shower.

August 22, 2011

life has been crazy. i mean, like really, really crazy. i’ve been having photoshoots like crazy (which i’m SO excited to post!!) and tons of end of summer fun! i’ve had tons of tech issues, lately my computers been low on space, which let me tell you, is scary when you have 18,000 pictures to protect. but with much help from a new external hard-drive and some cucumber sandwiches, everything seems to be working well!

but anyway, this past weekend was a baby shower for little miss sedona knott. isn’t she the most precious little girl?! i took her momma’s maternity pictures and helped plan this baby shower with one of other favorite teachers and my other favorite friend! it was so fun to meet baby sedona & plan this wonderful day!

i’ll be posting some moreeee pictures soon! stay tuned! :)