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cody and michelle part 2.

December 9, 2010

“well it’s still hard to see you go, ’cause you mean everything to me
and the seeds that you have sewn will live on deep inside of me…and i will try, but i don’t know how to let go…” tyrone wells.

so as i was editing the beautiful morel family pictures, i couldn’t help but think of cody and michelle. they’ve been gone for over a month now (?) and it really just seems sereal. our best friends are living about 18 billion miles away (i just made that up, so no keeping me accountable on that!) anyway. i started looking though the pictures we had with cody and michelle. the memories we had. i can just imagine them laughing with us over mango smoothies, or michelle baking some extrordinary meal in the kitchen while cody talks and mentors us kids. this quote is from a song that michelle introduced me to.. and whenever i hear it i think of her.

so when you think of tyrone, mangos, or just plain good times- pray for cody and michelle.

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  1. candmfisher permalink
    December 9, 2010 12:52 pm

    Laur!!!!! This made my day. :) Thanks for being you. I love how beautifully God created you, in every way. So thankful we have the privilege of being a part of yours and your family’s lives! Looking forward to Core Group Reunion 2012 :)

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