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meet hassy.

December 21, 2010

okay. haha! before you scroll down and see my lovely [i just woke up and i’m so tired] face, you need to hear the story.

a couple months ago, my father called me. i answered and he said that there was this HUGE suprise for me waiting at home. i rushed home and looked on my bedroom floor where a silver box stood. inside it was literally an entire new world. lenses, film, and a beautiful new hasselblad camera. it all came for free from a friend of my dads. and i just sat in my room calling my name. after about 3 months of experimenting, then forgetting, neglecting, then screaming about how excited i was to use it, we decided to sit down and understand this confusing life-changing beauty. you see, this is still a work in progress. i still don’t understand half the stuff that i should, and i still don’t really have the patience to understand everything now. BUT. i did take my first picture. YAY!!!! oh, ps. this camera had a little polaroid attachment. no big deal. :) so, internet. here’s my first film picture!!

ps. soon i will figure out how to take pictures of my tree, presents, and all christmas related decor. don’t you worry, you will be seeing more of these lovely polaroid friends.

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