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the excitement.

February 17, 2011

so right now, i’m in that beyond excited phase where you can’t even think anymore. your stomach gets all gittery, and all you want to do is fast forward 13 hours. TOMORROW my youth groups is going down to tahoe. we’re shredding it up, playing games, building snowmen, worshipping, and bonding. this is my first year to go, but literally. i can’t wait. be excited to see hundreds of pictures of snowy beautifulness upon my return. AND just to hold you over, heres a picture one of my greatest friends chloe & i skyping last night while we packed.

oh, and the background on my computer. OBESSED with that picture.

AND FINALLY, i apologize for all the times that i’ve spelled since wrong on my blog. i just really hate spelling. and that word gets me every time.

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  1. Bagel Bites and Tater Tots permalink
    February 17, 2011 5:40 pm

    The BEST background ever!

  2. February 17, 2011 8:43 pm

    i did the loudest laugh scream of my LIFEwhen i read the spelling part ;)

  3. February 17, 2011 9:08 pm

    ditto, kenzie! yall have so much fun!! :)

  4. rae permalink
    February 17, 2011 9:11 pm

    i’ve never loved chloe so much. im hacking her acount and setting this as her default no joke.

  5. Ashley Davidson permalink
    April 10, 2011 10:44 pm

    1). Omgosh! Chloe is hilarrious!!
    2). Rae is such a nice cousin to hack Chloe!
    3). Sooo cute!
    4). LUV U LAUREN! :) :D :P <3

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