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on a snowy weekend.

February 28, 2011

this weekend, in our small little valley, there was a 100% chance of precipitation & snow showers. with much avail, this weekend we woke up to 60 degree sunshine. but, even though this wholewide valley was disappointed, we still made the most out of this weekend. on saturday, chloe & i helped our dear friend heather redecorate/move back into her room. we didn’t get much done, but we did have insanely good life talks and have one of the best lunches in the whole wide world. we met morgan (like how i have photoshoots of everysingleone of my friends? yeah i force them to be my models.) for lunch at an adorbs little cafe. i ate my turkey & mayo sandwhich with warm earl grey tea. we ended this fantastic lunch with an ahhmazing little fruit custard. then we walked over to a local craft store and became insanely inspired. later that night, heather and i babysat the cutest kids in the whole wide world.

and sunday, well, that was just happy. my church had a picnic, and two of my good friends and i drove around, watched gnomeo and juliet (watch it. it’s beyond adorable) and had a quick inprompt photoshoot at a gas station. yup. thats how random and fantastic my life is.

i really just love picnics.

you can’t even begin imagine how much fun i have with this girl.

rae’s first time through a starbucks drive through. now checked off the bucket list.

now, my favorite part of the day. the gas station.

love love love these gorgeous girls and all the ways that they inspire me. i got to know michelle earlier this summer at my friend morgans birthday party & we bonded instantly. she is such a sweet, sweet, girl. i’m so honored to know her. and rae. well. i’ve probably written about her before on my blog, but she and i are too similar to state the ways. were loud, obsessed with harry potter, in love with british accents, and crazy about life. can you see below how we are oh so similar?


hope your weekend was filled with love, tea, and happy smiles.

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  1. Ashley Davidson permalink
    April 10, 2011 10:38 pm

    Yes yes yes!!! Anyone reading this post has got to see Gnomeo and Juliet!!!!! Cutest movie ever!! I enjoyed watching it with u, Lauren,… And rae, Michelle, and Josiah!! Hahha the last picture of u an Rae is sooo similar!

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