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April 18, 2011

wow. [said slowly, elongating the o’s and in a baby voice]  word of the day slash definition of my week. long story short, photographers are the greatest people in the world. last summer, an amazing photographer, sharon clark who kenzie and i had stalked for a long while, asked us if we’d like to shoot a wedding with her in simi valley. that wedding turned out to be the highlight of the summer, the biggest learning experience ever, and where we discovered ourselves in photography. skip a couple months and haley [sharon’s assistant] emailed us. turns out kenzie and i had this hatred for haley. please read kenzies blog to know why we were such meanies. NOW fast forward six months, and kenzie, haley, and i are all sitting in her living room in north carolina. today, we toured her college campus, shopped at anthro, and crafted, oh and had a photoshoot. how does this make sense? honestly no clue. this hatred [which was just jealousy] turned into an amazing friendship! today while we ventured the streets of this adorable town, all that i could say over and over again was wow. it was crazy how God came full swing from the wedding to this trip. i’ll be posting more memories, shoots and such soon, but heres the shoot we went on today!!

haley is gorgeous, insanely funny, easy to talk to, and she makes the funniest noises. :)

and heres miss kenz. not new to my blog and not new to my life, but she has been such a blessing this week! she was the reason that i made it through six hour plane rides and i can feel completely comfortable in a new state. BOTH these girls are aaammazing so check out their blogs!!

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